After being a member of a pistol club for at least 6 months, members may apply to licence a pistol. Before the club can issue a letter of support the member must pass the WAPA Firearm Safety Training Course.

The course information consists of:


  • The Course Criteria – The knowledge and skills that the trainer must teach,
  • The Course Notes – To be studied by the trainee during the course. Trainers must also be familiar with it,
  • The Examination Paper and the Answer Sheet – This is a closed book exam to be taken in the presence of an examiner,
  • The Feedback Form – This form should be completed by the trainee after taking the exam and returned to WAPA to enable the course information to be fine tuned.

All club secretaries should have been provided with the answers. They should be issued only to examiners as required.

The WA Police also require Clubs to administer the Firearms Awareness Certificate. This is a separate multiple choice examination that applicants must pass. It can be administered at the same time. Attached below is information pertaining to the Firearms Awareness Certificate, namely the WA Police Firearm Safety Booklet to be studied by the applicant and the Information Package for firearm clubs and associations. The test, the answers and the blank forms should be held by club officials for confidentiality.

WAPA Regulation 19.2 sets out who can be a trainer. It is recommended that each club makes a list of approved trainers, so that when a new shooter arrives at the range there is no uncertainty over who is able to take charge of the shooter. Ideally the trainee should be coached by the same trainer each session. The Club Coach may be able to oversee the training process and ensure that the course criteria are being followed.

Training sessions should be structured so that the trainee is given the essential safety instructions before firing a pistol. At least the first two live fire training sessions should be conducted “one on one” before the trainer decides whether to put the trainee in with a detail. Obviously the trainee should not be thrown into a service match if the only instruction has been with an air pistol; the training must prepare the trainee for the event that he/she is interested in.

The trainee should bring the Safety Training Register for First Pistol (WAPA form 103) to each session for the trainer to initial. This form must be presented duly signed to the club committee with the first pistol application.

More information is in the Red File.