A range is under the control of a Range Officer. For club shoots it is not necessary to have a qualified range officer, but the club committee must be satisfied that the person fulfilling those duties has the necessary competence.

Members can be trained and accredited as:

Level 1 Range Officer – designed for club level shooting

Level 2 Range Officer – for Opens, State Champs and National Champs

Judge B – Oversees Opens, State Champs and National Champs

Judge A – Qualified to referee at the Olympics

The State Referee Council (SRC) is the body within WAPA responsible for ‘officiating’.

The main activities of the SRC include:

  • Judging at Opens and State Championships and overseeing the appropriate application of the rules;
  • Organising seminars for the purpose of instructing and/or qualifying suitable candidates as Range Officers;
  • Approval of all new ranges and modification to existing ranges for their safety requirements;
  • Instructing and qualifying suitable candidates as recognised trainers for providing training at a Club level for proficiency in the use of holsters;
  • Liaising with the National Referee Council regarding rule changes and interpretations;
  • Maintaining records of all WAPA members who have qualified as Range Officers and the use of holsters.

The SRC Charter and code of conduct describes the responsibilities in more detail.

SRC Charter

SRC Code of Conduct

The National Referee Council ensures consistency between States. The NRC has a website here:

National Referee Council