We will be dedicating this page to any officiating/technical news and rule updates. If you have any questions you need answers for please let us know and we will include it in our next stage of Q & A.

Black Powder and Service rule changes were adopted in 2022.  The changes are here:

PA Service Rule 2023 Changes

PA BP-Rule-Change-2023

The National Referee Council publishes a series of one-page summaries of the course of fire for each match. Here is a link: NRC RO Guides

Clubs should have a printed set on hand as a quick reference guide for range officers.


Ordinary club competition does not need to follow the match rules so rigidly, however shooters attending their first open should not be in a position that they get caught out not knowing the rules.

Can I enter an Open on the day?

No. The squadding is worked out by the organising secretary at least a week before the event.

If after I have nominated for an Open Competition in one grade and then shoot a grade break score, do I have to inform the Organising Secretary so my entry details can be adjusted?

It is a shooter’s responsibility to notify the Competition Organising Secretary, if there has been a change of grade between entering that competition and competing in that competition.

Will my pistols comply with the rules?

Your pistols will probably need to be checked by Equipment Control before you can compete. At the very least there will be random checks on the range. They will check trigger weight and pistol size as a minimum. You can’t assume your pistol will comply if it hasn’t been checked before.

How long before the scheduled match time do I need to be at the range?

At least 10 minutes for most matches, but 30 mins for 10m Air Pistol and 50m Pistol. You may need to allow 30 mins to go through equipment control as well.

If there appears to be a problem with my score posted on the score board what should I do?

Seek out the Organising Secretary and polity advise them of your concern, there could be a number of reasons for this, allow the Organising Secretary and the score room personal time to look into your query and sort it out to your satisfaction and please don’t forget to thank them.

Do I have to remove watches and bracelets from my shooting arm

Yes, in ISSF matches – Rule the wrist must be visibly free of support.
For Service Matches and WA1500 you may wear a watch

May I use a medical support for an injury i.e. tennis elbow

Yes, but it must not support the wrist or elbow. If entering an open competition it is courteous to advise the organising secretary, and present it to equipment control for approval.

May i use occluders and/or irises as eye protection when competing in the Service matches or WA1500

No. Safety glasses, corrective glasses or sunglasses are deemed to be approved protective eyewear. An iris may be used in addition to approved protective eyewear.