If you want to see this great sport first hand and have a try, you need to contact a club near you (see the clubs page). You can make arrangements to meet a club member at the range, see the facilities and find out what the club has to offer. While each club may have a different procedure for looking after prospective members, you should be able to fire some shots with club pistols after receiving the necessary safety instruction. You can then decide whether to join, and the club will have an appreciation of whether you can follow the safety instructions.

Clubs may charge a joining fee and there will be an annual membership fee of typically $250 to $350 which covers your affiliation to WAPA and Pistol Australia. To join you will need to obtain a National Police Clearance Certificate and have no legal impediment to handling a firearm.

Pistol clubs are run by volunteers. Shooting is normally scheduled for weekends and perhaps one week night. Clubs are unable to offer services to non-members that a commercial shooting gallery can.