PA Matches

PA Matches


The PA (Pistol Australia) Matches include Service Pistol, Service Pistol Unrestricted, Service Pistol 25 yards, 25m Black Powder and 50m Black Powder.

Service Pistol

The Service Pistol event for 9mm and ·38/·357 pistols consists of 90 shots fired at distances varying from 50 to 7 yards with the pistol holstered at the commencement of each series.  Shooters must hold a current PA Holster Accreditation to compete or train in this event.  PA Service Pistol targets are used for this event and set in a bank of four targets per shooter.  Ammunition must meet a "power factor" of at least 120,000.

24 shots @ 50 yards

24 shots @ 25 yards

12 shots @ 25 yards

18 shots @ 10 yards

12 shots @ 7 yards

The Service Pistol Unrestricted event for calibres allowed are ·32 to ·38 has the same course of fire as for Service Pistol.  This event does not use holstered pistols at the commencement of each series.  Competitors start from the ready position (45 degrees) and therefore a holster ticket is not required.  There is no minimum power factor, so light loads can be used at the closer distances. This is a very popular match.

The 25 yards Service Pistol event for calbres from ·32 to ·38/·357 pistols consists of 65 shots fired at distances varying from 25 to 7 yards.  Formerly called "Short Barrel Match", pistols must have a maximum barrel length of 4 inches for a revolver, or 5 inches for a semi-auto.  No speedloaders or pre-loaded magazines are permitted, all ammunition must be loaded directly from a pocket within the time limits.

25 shots@ 25 yards

15 shots @ 25 yards

15 shots @ 10 yards

10 shots @ 7 yards

The International Rapid Fire targets are used for this event and set in a bank of five targets per shooter

25m Black Powder

 The 25m  (Aggregate) Black Powder event combines both precision and rapid-fire, in two stages each of 20 shots:


25 metres


maximum ·46 calibre, cap and ball revolver


Precision Stage

Number of shots/time:

20 shots, in four series of 5 shots, each series is 12 minutes

Precision Stage, target:

10 ring of 50 mm diameter, each ring increases by 50 mm

After all competitors have completed the Precision Stage, they then fire the Rapid Fire Stage.

Rapid Fire Stage

Number of shots/time:

20 shots, in four series of 5 shots.

Each series consists of 5 exposures of the target, each exposure is for 3 seconds; the shooter fires one shot per exposure.

Rapid Fire Stage, target:

10 ring of 100 mm wide x 150 mm high, each ring increases by 100 mm.

50m Black Powder

The 50m Black Powder event is based on the ISSF 50m Pistol match reduced to 40 shots:

Target: PA Black Powder Target


50 metres


maximum ·46 calibre, cap and ball

Number of shots/time:

40 shots in four series of 10 shots, each series is 30 minutes

The 13-shot events

The 13-shot events provide a 13-shot event for virtually every type of black powder ‘cap and ball’ pistols.

Although this is an event of 13 shots, only the ten best scoring shots are counted for the shooter’s score.

There are four suggested ‘categories’: Replica single-shot, Fixed-sight revolver, Adjustable-sight revolver, and Modern single-shot pistol.

PA Affiliates may add further categories, but pistols must be black powder.  There is no state or national championships for this event, it is purely for fun.

Target: ISSF 25/50m Precision Target


25 metres

Number of shots/time:

13 shots in 30 minutes