Pistol Australia National Development Squad Program

Pistol Australia Incorporated (PA) is the premier target pistol shooting association in Australia. Through its affiliation with Shooting Australia (SA), PA has the sole right to field target pistol shooting teams to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games, Oceania Championships, World Cups, World Championships, Paralympic Championships and other international target pistol shooting competitions including World Association 1500 (WA1500) and International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU) World Cups and World Championships.

Through SA, PA is affiliated with Sport Australia, the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Australian Olympic Games Committee, Commonwealth Shooting Federation (CSF), Oceania Shooting Federation (OSF) and the International Metallic Silhouette Shooting Union (IMSSU). PA is directly affiliated to the World Association 1500.

Through this network and its well-developed infrastructure, PA is committed to the development of the sport of target pistol shooting in Australia, international shooting and the development of its members and to that end, the establishment of a national development squad i.e. the Pistol Australia National Development Squad (PA NDS) program.

The purpose of the PA NDS is to:

  • Provide a program that is a pathway for developing PA NDS members to achieve their potential and gain entry into the SA High Performance Team or the SA Development Squad.
  • Provide PA NDS shooting athletes with the opportunity to compete at international competition and to represent PA as part of an Australian team.

The overarching objectives of the PA NDS are to:

  • Establish PA as the leading pistol target shooting association in Australia and the Commonwealth of Australia and to that end build on previous success by nurturing talented PA members towards the achievement of their shooting goals.
  • Develop the technical, physical, and psychological skills of those PA NDS members with potential to succeed at international target pistol shooting competitions, and who have the commitment to pursue a career in the sport at the elite level. It is a conduit to the SA High Performance Program and is governed by the PA NDS Policy.
  • Provide coaching direction through, technical skill development, motivation through athlete support and shoulder-to-shoulder competition
  • Field the best possible international team of developing athletes to compete at selected international competitions, through conducting selection trials in accordance with PA selection criteria advertised from time to time through PA NDS.
  • Facilitate the involvement, assistance, and mentorship of past elite athletes and highly qualified coaches willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to PA NDS members via the PA ND Program.

PA National Development Program “Developing future Australian Shooting Stars”